Here are Five steps in the Fabrication Process of Customized Tensile Membrane Structures:

Fabrication process

In an age where 'sustainability' has become a business buzz word and a buy-in to customer expectation, we actually demonstrate it in everything we do.

Sustainable Designs: Minimal materials are required to enclose large spaces and the fabrics are recyclable. Our designs often incorporate storm-water drainage and collection systems to protect the materials and support the environment.

Sustainable Construction: Using tensile fabric for the creation of large, free span roofs reduces the amount of supporting steelwork required, making construction easier, quicker and far more energy-efficient than traditional building designs.

Sustainable Transport: All components are prefabricated, compact and lightweight; greatly reducing transport energy - and transport costs!

Sustainable Lifespan: Architectural textiles can be highly durable, with a long life comparable with traditional roofing materials: 15 - 30+ years.